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What I offer:

  • - Both studio/open air photos;
  • - Portraiture (childeren/adults/family);
  • - Animals;
  • - Weddings;
  • - Nude series;
  • - TFP/TFCD.

What I do not offer:

  • - Make-up and hair stylist services.

What you get:

  • - CD/DVD with your photos;
  • - Photobook (option);
  • - Good mood.


Тime for print (also known as trade for print or test for print, TFP and sometimes also print for time or PFT) is a term used in many online photography communities describing an arrangement between a model and a photographer, whereby the photographer agrees to provide the model with an agreed number of pictures of the best photographs from the session and a limited license to use those pictures in return for the model's time. A variant of this arrangement is Time for CD or Trade for CD (TFCD). With TFCD, the selection of images is provided on a CD in lieu of prints. Similarly, with the ease and convenience of digital distribution of high resolution images, the generic term TF* has evolved, where it does not necessarily refer to a tangible CD or Printed image since the same accepted rules apply.

(According to Wikipedia)


  • The model is to make arrangements with regards to his/her clothes and make-up necessary for the session
  • The session subject and requirements to the model look are to be discussed beforehand by phone, in person or via e-mail
  • The photographer is responsible for сhoosing the place of the session (or the studio) and equipment rental
  • Payment of additional expenses related to the session is conducted as per mutual agreement (by model/by photographer/by both)
  • The photographer is responsible for printing images, CD burning and shipping costs
  • The model, photographer and other participants involved are responsible for their own transportation to the session place
  • The photographer receives a signed model release that authorizes him to use the images for post-processing, publishing, printing and/or commercial purposes (+ a xerox copy of the model passport/ID card: page with photo and signature is sufficient)
  • The model recives the right for free use of photo materials for her own purposes (without having a right to sell them to third parties or derive any other tangible or intengible benefit from their use)
  • The photographer selects the best images, performs their post-processing and/or retouching and passes them to the model
  • The extent of post-processing and retouching is at the discretion of the photographer
  • The total time for the selection, post-processesing, retouching, and transmission of ready photos to the model might vary from one week to two months
  • To preserve copyrights all photos must contain an original watermark established by the photographer and a reference/web-link to the author (for images posted online)
  • The model cannot transfer photos in digital and/or any other format to third parties for commercial use purposes or obtaining any other profit without written permission of the author
  • The model age must be at least 18 years old
  • If the model is under 18 years old, the model release is to be signed by a parent/guardian/model official representative of the model and the session in this case is to be arranged in the presence of the person signed the model release
  • The model can bring a guest to participate in the session only upon agreement with the photographer

* the above list of services is not the public offer



Елена, Санкт-Петербург

Мне очень понравилась моя "беременная фотосессия". Спасибо огромное, Витя! Не ожидала, что так здорово получится, фото яркие, красивые, но при этом естественные!))

Елена, Санкт-Петербург

Я очень хочу тебя поблагодарить за фотографии, за альбом и за портрет - это супер!!!! Я тебе очень, очень благодарна за все, особенно за альбом!!! Просто не передать словами. Я очень благодарна и очень счастлива от того, что на нашей свадьбе фотографом был ты. Мы тебе все очень благодарны."